Friday, December 27, 2013

ThNR Report

Gavin, James, Franklin, David and I gathered to spin off the turkey and gravy goodness of the holidays.  We cycled the usual haunts and played the usual games.  We were also  waiting for a clubhouse solution to present itself; enter Albert and his second (or third?) garage/future clubhouse?  Albert created enough chairs and also provided peanuts, chips, beef jerky and festive turkey jerky for the meeting.  We were joined by Dan, Shaun and the Duke - Minutes include: worst Christmas present - an Amish made pencil holder, best presents - cash and wrestling masks, Jesus was a carpenter (and look where it got him), Burning Dan Festival, peeing on your buddy's leg in the shower, Mennonite history, watching cross races at work, HD Zoomies, Dan's a funny guy at the border, don't lean on the wall, Peter Pocklington is in jail, Coen brother burials, and everybody poops their pants.
Albert plays with a rifle
Can't return a sign or tie his boots
"Temptation"/"$5 hooker"

Pink dress shirt insulation
Good times.

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