Friday, December 13, 2013

ThNR Report

Mike, James, Shaun, Gavin and I warmed up in the kitchen before cycling in town and country on roads, rinks, parks and paths.  Nobody berated us so that was a nice change.  We were joined at the clubhouse by Franklin, Duke, Dan, Albert, Steve, David, DB and Lyle.  Twice as many attended the meeting than the bike ride.  Minutes include: asking your cousin (another guy) to be your grad date, I got free chicken wings, Paul B has two pairs of fuzzy orange pants, David is neglecting his erection duties, Dan’s back does not have his back, the Sweet Cheryl Koop video, Franklin uses his bike trainer next to his wood stove, Shaun wrestled his former girlfriend to the ground and farted on her face, Lyle has pared down his bike stable from 7 to 3.5, Steve kills and grills, Duke received a $650 phone bill, girlfriends who creep in to your house, David Downer, and breakups that don’t take.

Dan's new do
DB goes Christmas shopping
Good times.

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