Friday, December 6, 2013

ThNR Report

James, DB, Franklin, Shaun, Albert and I braved the elements.  We stayed warm by cycling around town and plodding through drifts but we got hot under the collar by being lectured to by the town cops.  Apparently they will “give us tickets until we’re broke” if we don’t cycle single file.  Sigh.  Apparently making people wait 4 seconds on the bustling streets of Altona at 9 pm is a bigger issue than we realized.  Double sigh.  We eventually retired to the clubhouse where we found Duker.  Minutes include: DB suggested an act of civil disobedience with a naked bike ride in winter – that’ll show ’em  the final curling shot was a double-raise for the win – very nice, cypress hill on the jukebox made me smile, frozen nuts, new jersey design submissions are encouraged, Shaun want to buy a house/clubhouse, the cops are club profiling, David still hasn’t put the ABES sign back at the clubhouse (WTF), Franklin was sporting his XL oil rig/Ronald McDonald boots, Duke suggested we need an ABES safety supervisor/legal counsel, James recalled the Kevin Martins/Corn Gate incident, and Shaun suggested that all pork draw proceeds pay for our cop tickets.  Good times.  JS

Franklin likes big boots (and he cannot lie)
DB seeks a pre-ride snack 
Cheryl and I have our own advent calendar.

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