Friday, December 20, 2013

ThNR Report

Curt, Franklin, Bruce, Gavin, Shaun, James, David and I met to cycle around town.  We lost Curt “slicks” T., James “studs” D. and David “meow” S. quickly but the rest of us found our way along Buffalo creek to slip on the ice, plow through the snow and trudge through the reeds and drifts until we found the way back to our beloved clubhouse.  Steven and Duke joined us for the meeting where minutes include: Shaun and Franklin were groped by a drunk dude, the Copenhagen wheel, skiing in Canmore that isn’t downhill?, million dollar hand warming ideas (patents pending), David’s racing!?, flesh tone skin suits - gross, wake up it’s time for bed, meat draw misses, David still hasn’t returned our ABES sign = shit sandwiches for Christmas, jerks with flashlights, Pete and Tina, Bruce has awesome cycling boots, Gavin was ready to tackles a kid at the school Christmas concert, Shauns pants are indestructible…until they fall apart, ear/moustache wax, and “you guys are guys, right?”  Good times.  JS

Frosted shredded wheat beard
Steven made his own winter cycling boots.
DB at the ABES Spring Ride

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