Saturday, January 26, 2013

ThNR Report

James, Franklin, Shaun, Albert, Gavin and I enjoyed a ride around town through soft drifts and sketchy patches of snow.  The wind blew us to the clubhouse where we were met by Giles, Steven, Paul B, Steve and David.  Minutes include: similarities were noted between sumo wrestling and sex, David is accepting donations for his Athena Alley Cat (read: operation), no Nash = no wings = popcorn with hot sauce, swearing in front of kids is super-cool, Paul B’s fortune cookie message was blank (beautiful), 30 Rock Therapy, Southern Cross heckling amp and microphone, Beer Wars, the Big Frame is the Big Disappointment, Mansome, steak bites V stewing beef, mistaking religious exercise and electric exercise, banning the post-sneeze God Bless You, Wild Kingdom, sabotaging the environment Canada weather stations to cancel school, Lulu and the Lampshades, selling Jagermeister at IGA is civilized, Liam Nelson improve skills, Teemu is awesome, Haley Carr at The Park, and the Operation Muerto ABES relay team.

Paul B is all style
My poor wallet looks feeble next to the David Cantstanzya spine-bender wallet
Albert, Steven, Gavin, Joanne, Cheryl and I going to Barn Cross.  Shaun and Curt are on the fence.  Anybody else coming?

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