Friday, January 4, 2013

ThNR Report

Albert, Mike, James, Shaun, Curt, Giles, Gavin and I admired one of the sweetest cars in Altona - Franklins 1977 Ford custom 500 wagon.  The only time this car gets better looking is when it’s loaded with bikes on his home-made roof rack. 

Our ride was sweet as mild weather allowed for comfortable conditions.  We spun around town, clenched our butts when the road turned to ice, cycled up and down the hill and had knockdown games at the West Park school rink – it was grand.  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Tom, Paul, Steve, Duke, Steven and David.  Minutes included: Franklins Menno-Ale, the NHL financial cliff, Mike’s new job (nothing makes you feel like more of an idiot than a new job), I was green with jealousy hearing Gavin and Stevens tales of skiing in fresh snow in Fernie, the chicken wings were back and hotter than normal, Dan cycled 7000 km’s AND didn’t break any bones in 2012 (one feat more impressive than the other), some of us were amazed to find that you can lock a zipper, the Dead at 27 Club, we all lean left – skating, biking, fishtailing, etc, Steven imparted his cross country ski wisdom, and David shared his Disney World commercial experience and bought his own lightsaber for good measure (nerd).  Good times.  JS

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