Saturday, January 12, 2013

ThNR Report

David, Duke, Albert, James, Shaun, Dan, Gavin, Giles and I went out for a bike ride before the impending winter storm.  We quickly broke into two groups; the no-man-left-behind group and the screw-you-dirty-hippies group.  My ride included a hoppy 666 beer, snowboard/bike jumps, and knockdowns at West Park.  Both crews reunited at the clubhouse where we were joined by Ike who recently welcomed his new daughter, Sonya Kay into the world - congratulations Ike and Mrs. Ike!  Minutes include: the Tour of Albert(a) , Dan discussed “pounding the pulpit”, David shared his American loonie of Liberty, Shaun and I donned our fluffy pirate shirts/wool cycling jerseys, the suitcase of courage t-shirt, Olympic medalist/Altona native? Michelle Stilwell, Chinese curlers, regular buffalo wings v extreme buffalo wings, Paul B's Dress to Impress party, the N.H.Hell, vote for Joanne Wiebe because she is not an old white guy, Becel tubs are Mennonite Tupperware, and the “curse” of a hot girlfriend and mom.  
Classic David
Dan struggles to shows his inner Fonzie
Possible correction to the last meetings minutes regarding Dan not breaking any bones in 2012.  A crash in late December has left the good pastor with a swollen thumb that may need to be x-rayed.  Classic Dan.

The musical selections and unnecessary punk karaoke drove us to the alternative clubhouse for a final round.
Alternative clubhouse treasure chest
Dukes pant-leg strap made from a recycled inner tube - brilliant
Good times.  JS

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