Saturday, January 19, 2013

ThNR Report

Curt, Giles, Shaun and I enjoyed a brief bike ride in the cold.  It was an unusual night where Curt out climbed everybody at the hill and won the knockdown championship, and Giles actually wore a helmet.  What was not unusual was Giles falling; this time he was slower than usual to get up and broke his light but managed to continue.  We were joined by David, Albert, Franklin and Duke at the clubhouse where minutes included: Gretzky was a puss, Armstrong is a pshychopath, Nash gave us grief for our low ABES turnout (everybody agreed), Giles winced and moaned like he was going to show us a bloody gash on his arm which turned out to be a scratch, DSwank is trying bicycle rollers, we were joined by some friendly celebratory folks , good breakfasts at Didi’s (aka double D’s), bread made with breast milk, wool jersey designs, Tour Down Under, understanding: Swiper – no swiping, Rex Ryan sports a sexy Mark Sanchez tattoo, I was promised a FREE Jets ticket - next year, Dan Fogerty, Jets/Bombers = time, love and tenderness, the Leafs suck, physical comedy, Franklin is scouting out a new bike, Athena bike club had more riders this week than we did (not awesome/awesome), Tebowing in Blue and Gold, Joanne needed 50 more votes to be a councillor but did win our appreciation and admiration.  Good times.

The real mystery is not the absence of blood
but presence of Stella Artoi Light


  1. My arm still F-ing hurts and I wince every time I take my shirt off. Alas, the next morning the bruise I was looking forward to seeing was nowhere to be found. I blame it on the Stella light!

  2. Sorry to hear about your arm - that sucks. Did you get it checked out? You must have been groggy from your injury to order that skunk balls shit. J