Friday, December 7, 2012

ThNR Report

PW, Dan, Steven, James, Gavin, David, Ike, Tom, Mike and I ambled around town.  Mike left early, Duke found us and left us and Giles found us and kept us.  Minutes include: Gavin passed around a petition so that Joanne can run for town councillor – vote early and vote often, I thought DSwats poker tournament was the greatest poker tournament I've ever been to, Safeway members: Patty Pancakes and Beese Fient, Steven’s band is booking gigs for the Christmas concert circuit, Electric Honey wings, “Bringing tupperware to an all-you-can-eat buffet is so Mennonite it’s Scottish”, an ABE assembled advent calendar (pictured above), plastic money is sticky, Giles broke a sweat with the extra hot wings, wood-chipper = Fargo, interventions/the airing of grievances, gondola hotbox and illegal winter housing, carnies in summer are the ski lift operators in winter, adding more bad does not make it better, Sawhiebzky’s cycling the Habitat for Hilarity, Steven shared the ultimate dog tease video, and the clubhouse jukebox played the best/worst 1980’s music…All night loong (all night).  Good times.  JS

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