Friday, December 28, 2012

ThNR Report

James, Mike and I witnessed a pre-ride toboggan race between Franklin and good-guy Jonny G.  Franklin slid down my front yard and across the street for the win.  We mossied around town and found Tom and fat-boy Craig then rode some laps at the new snoval, slid across the pond and rode up and down the hill.  Giles found us just in time for a revisit to the snowboard jump where Craig was bucked by his fat bike, Franklin found some air and Giles found some ground.  Schiesse and Duke joined us at the clubhouse where minutes include: old school computers and games, Scandals nightclub and late night meatball subs, memories of the Hipster sleeping around the fire, no wings this week but we did have popcorn and hot sauce, southern cuisine - the purkucken (duck in a chicken in a turkey in a pig), 'Merica - F YA!, greasy Back 40 stories, bike shoes V boat shoes, never trust a skinny person, spitting on cars, brown chamois, Lindsey Bars/crackles, and bacon chocolate chip cookies.  Good times.

G hates it
The silver bullet wins by a car lane
Craig and G

Laps at the Snoval 

"You should try it in your mouth"

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