Friday, December 21, 2012

ThNR Report

Gavin, Shaun, David, Tom, Giles, James, Dan, Franklin and I enjoyed a beautiful night of cycling.  David was riding his shiny new bike, James made the call to play knockdown games, the pond was in perfect condition for a skidding contest, and Franklin’s idea to have races down the hill and across the ice was dangerous and fun.  Giles fell at least 6 times during the night as he was dialing in his fishtail skids.  He and Gavin also tried their luck at jumping off the snowboarders ramp but the snow was too soft for success – it did provide entertainment for those sane (chicken) enough not to attempt it.  We found Duke and Albert at the clubhouse where minutes include: Dan plans to bring Crystal some finger linkin’ heat, Shaun lost a terabyte of memory and his marbles, the Altona courthouse judge’s chambers/arena-canteen and the holding cells/hockey dressing rooms, playing Chicken Or Go as a teenager, my kids love Shauns pottery, the ABES support Joanne Wiebe in her bid for town council, I “lost” money at the meat draw last Saturday, David wears bonnets with bees in them, Dan wants the world to end so he can tell people he was there when it happened, stories from the greatest poker tournament ever, Dan is a near-beer connoisseur, Sheila Dikshits will never be a jr. high school teacher, the legend of the Redheads, the day after the end of the world cross race at Fort Whyte, money was donated at the VLT’s, the Portland Trailblazers draft pick curse, Albert looked like a member of the Village People or Vito Corleone from The Godfather, and drunk talk: I’m fart and I’m smunny!  Good times.

Giles goes up and over
Gavin grins and wins the downhill race
Dan brought cookies
I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse/YMCA
Franklin digs the wings
Finger-lickin good y'all

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