Friday, December 14, 2012

ThNR Report

Dan, James, Franklin, Paul W, Gavin, Steven, Shaun, Giles, Charles and I went for a spin around town.  We stopped at the park for some runs down the hill and the first  knockdown games of the season.  Paul beat everybody back to the clubhouse where we were joined by Duke, Tom and David.  Minutes include: Serbian donkey cheese, rice pudding has a love/hate following, trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon, bear milk, stoned on epoxy, harmless V stupid with an agenda, Bunge spent $30,000 on chicken and pizza in 10 days, Shaun was harassed by pervy pigs, habitual speeding, the Bike Jerks commandments, highway accident stories – "Save yourself, I'm trapped!" (take off your seatbelt Steven), Morris is a dirty town, Boundary Trails Nordic Club, new law states that Canadian dogs must understand commands in English and French, DSwat’s missing chocolate, videos du jour: the history of rapBrazilian elevator pranks, and monkey with an AK-47, David is going to Florida, Steven and Gavin are off to Fernie, the MPI – double payment scam, David’s poker tournament was so very, very awesome, Franklins eyes were popping out of his head from the extra-hot wings, and Steven had the best unintentionally funny line of the night: “Dick doesn’t spend enough time on the big hoe.”  Good times.  JS

Gavin tries to take down Dan
Giles pre-falls for James
Giles implements his anti-theft feature

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