Friday, March 13, 2015

ThNR Report

Jonny, Shaun, Steven and I met to ride on a beautiful, warm, March night.  We headed off to find David and then went to pick up our dry cleaning.  After a bit of riding we ended up at the creek and sat in the quiet low rumble of Bunge and enjoyed the end of winter and the stillness of the water.  We resumed our ride and finished at the clubhouse where we were met by Albert, (who wasn’t curling) Duker, Lyle and Lorne.  The minutes included: Olaf is a snowman and Oleg is a drunkman, the ABES have been officially invited to the Okanagan and are definitely going to go, MCI, glasses vs reading glasses vs laser eye surgery vs contacts vs bifocals, and this year’s winter bike fest is going to be the warmest ever.  This is the second week in a month where I participated in or overheard a reading glasses conversation at the ABES table, just saying.
We ended the night with a cultural and personal examination of the role of bikes, church, community and ABES in our lives.  “Life, we learn too late, is in the living, the tissue of every day and hour.” Stephen Leacock
This Sunday is the Winter Bike Fest.  Come out for bikes, in a church, community and ABES at 2:30 and live a little!  See the posts below for more info.


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