Thursday, March 5, 2015

ABES Bulletin

so many great faces in this picture
Quiz Night takes place this Friday and there will be 28'ish teams trying to take down the smrtest bike club in Altona as we defend our title.  We'll throw our collective kanowledge against the wall to see if it'll be good enough for the win...even if it's only by 3.

Save the date: the ABES Winter Bike Festival will take place on Sunday, March 15.  Ride, race, beer, pizza, good times.  The more the merrier - stay tuned.

In case you were wondering...Here’s a Spring Classics guide for dummies  

Better late than never?  Thursday night ride is on of course.  Prepare to endure Dan gloating about his Sens.  Boo-urns.

this did/did not happen.

See you at 8.

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  1. The Hambegler er.. Alfred E. Newman strikes Again!