Monday, March 9, 2015

ABES Winter Bike Festival

The AWBF plan is to meet this Sunday at The (s)Exchange at 2:30 for a pre-ride coffee, hot chocolate or wobbly pop, casually ride around town in a big, beautiful group, enjoy a two-person relay race at the park, high-five our efforts then return to the (s)exchange for supper.

This time of year the weather can vary from balmy to blustery.  Environment Canada is calling for a high of 14 for Sunday - we’ll see.  Cycling on the ice rinks/pond could be sketchy, we’ll probably all have mucky bike butts after our ride, and the chances of hypothermia will be minimal barring a polar bear swim at the pond.  Technically it’s still winter so it’s on with the show…

Kids can stay at the exchange to watch a movie if they prefer.  A babysitter or willing adult is needed to tend the tots - anyone…anyone?

Price of admission is a salad or dessert or bags of chips to share.  Pizza will be sold by the slice.  byob.  Everyone is invited to this family friendly event.  JS

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