Monday, March 10, 2014

AWBR Remembered

What a beautiful day for a bike ride - good friends, bikey fun, and food I didn't have to prepare.  So much goodness.  We should do that again!

Here are some pics from David and I, and a sampling from teams Joanne/Cindy and David/Shaun.

A good turnout at the ACC
Everybody was eager to play outside

Knockdown games

David may have been crowned world champion of the world,
but James is the local feared beard of knockdowns
Everybody loves to see a crash
Franklin disappointed

Cindy goes "Wrecking Ball" on the ox

Joanne! Are you OK?
bonus points for the spewing blood

Shaun shows his respect
Who's a good boy?

Thanks to Gavin for generously taking care of the kids and to Dan for picking up the pizza and to both of them for working the technology.  Also, Bruce / Back Alley Cycle surprised us by donating some bike schwag for prizes - thanks Bruce.  Good times.

More photos of the race will be posted soon.  I am accepting bribes for preferential editing.  JS 

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