Friday, October 25, 2013

ThNR Report

James, Gavin, Kris, Tom, Shaun, DB and I spun around town.  It was a great pace and helped stretch out my legs.  We retired to Duke’s clubhouse where we were joined by David, Tom, Lyle and Paul f’n B.  Dainties were provided by the Chip and Sausage committee from SX.  Minutes included: Duke doubted the Altona Farm Service (silly Duker), James recalls The Den of Denims, SX13 awesomeness was bandied about, Tom guaranteed he’ll race in SX14, Lyle upgraded his half-fattie (aka the fatted half) to a full fattie, Paul Bergman makes Paul Bergman requests on CFAM (royalty cheques!), James makes the cover of The Echo, Johnny S bobble head doll made to scale, DB is a name-dropping DB, Lyle made off like a bandit with a free FGBC jersey and MTB forks, SX foam party (with or without foam), Big Frame Beer, and #PBlamehashtagsarelamePB.  Good times.  JS

Red construction gloves = time to get to work

The Big Frame rolls a fatty
Lyle helped Duke move 
Our host with the most

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