Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Southern Cross Haute Couture

Local business owner and cycling enthusiast Dwight F. N.
is seen modelling local logos on the new Southern Cross tape.  

Photo Credit: a scared Canadian Lumber Employee
Not only can Dwight make sweet, sweet love to the camera, he supports Southern Cross by racing with his family, coordinating Operation SX13 Tape Drive, advertising and modelling.

Thanks pretty boy.

THURSDAY NIGHT RIDE - Franklin suggested..."wings are for sale $10/bucket on Thursday at Coop (same day we get our equity checks and the same day we have the ThNR).  Three good things like this can't be a coincidence."  He then offered his deep-fryer to make the night complete.  Perfect.

We'll also take Steven up on his offer to use his parents farmyard and log cabin as a temporary clubhouse.  

Looks like things are coming together very deliciously.  

We'll gather at ABES headquarters and cycle out the Wiebe Farm for wings.  BYOB.

Dress warm.  See you at 8.  JS


  1. Believe that's Dwight N. doing the posing.

  2. I won't be riding, but I'll be at the clubhouse at 8 to pick up your wings and beer and deliver them for you all. Bring your own sauces for the wings too. Fjr

  3. I'll be picking up some wings and also brining some mozzarella sticks for frying. Thanks Franklin for being delivery man.