Monday, October 7, 2013

ThNR Report - Late Edition

Franklin, David, Shaun, Tom, Franz, Albert, Dan, Steve, James, Gavin, Steven, Ben and I all took part in the ThNR experience.  We rode the SX trails forwards and backwards.  A fresh pile of woodchips at the park proved an opportunity for some to scamper up and over.  Franklin utilized his own technique and tried to go through the pile - this proved to be unsuccessful and hilarious.  We retired to the clubhouse where the minutes include: Shaun’s erotic pottery (Erottery) new ABES clubhouse possibilities – shipping containers and/or The Hub (after youth night – payments made with a weekly bottle-drive), Altona Grass Oval, “classy” whorehouse (no kerchiefs), DeShaun is out for SX13, David SawTweetzky keeps the blogosphere updated, Franklin found kindling in his pockets, shooting cats and dogs, Steven is cyclo-lusting, Shaun hates good music, and Blog master Faurschou promised to buy everybody a beer if he gets paid to work on the school website.  Good times.     

Some could
Some could not
There were two offers for next weeks ThNR – The Wiebe farmhouse has a new log cabin that has been offered as a ThNR retreat, and Dan offered his backyard where he’d serve up french fries from the bounty of his garden.  We can alternate Thursdays or combine them together.  Either way, it’s going to be super sweet.

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