Friday, July 19, 2013

ThNR Report

Pole Vaulter, Duke, Mike, Curt, and I met at headquarters.  A low turnout considering the beautiful weather at 8:00.  Then again, the weather can be funny.  Everybody funny, now the weather funny too.  We cycled around and found ourselves in the village admiring the ominous looking clouds.  We realized the rain was coming and we needed to get moving.  We decided to take shelter down the road at Swatters house but didn’t make it far before the wind drastically picked up and the rain began to pelt us.  We spotted an open garage door, jumped in and took refuge while the wind and rain whipped about.  We thanked our host (Abe) and limped back to the clubhouse where we were greeted by DSwank and eventually James and birthday boy Tom.  Minutes include: $108 meat-draw draw, the upcoming 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge race: Cheryl and I are team Lube and Liquor - Gavin and Steven are entered in the 24 hour solo category (despite being the best couple) - Mia is riding with a group of kids - and Albert will ride an and continue to be awesome, David got a mega bump-up the medical ladder (huzzah!), The Echo reports on Mary Hane, tulips on my organ, The ABES gravel grinder goodness and sunflower festival parade lap, Bobby Ryan is a young Schiesse lookalike, Uncle Tricky Dick, Monsters Inc. helped save James and Sandra’s marriage, Captain Sum Ting Wong, and the annual Moose Lake Ride is scheduled for August 24.  Good times.

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