Sunday, July 28, 2013

Inaugural Knacksot Gravel Grinder report

Joanne, Gavin, and Steven on the gravel trail, riding past the corn.

Saturday's event was a successful inaugural and worth a do-over next year!

Here are the Stats:
8 rode the 51 km route
14 rode the 83 km route
19 rode the 170 km route
Total riders: 42!

On the 170 km route, according to my computer, the terrain was as follows:
- Climbs - avg grade: 4%; max: 14%
- Descents - avg grade: -  -2%; max: -13%
- Total Vertical: 603 m
- Highest Altitude: 179 m (above sea level)

Results (in order of completion)
51 km
Margruite Krahn
Delilah Bergen
Maggie Bergen
Scott Klassen
Carey Friesen
Ian Hall
Donna Hall
Albert Falk (who rode 70 kms - who needs maps?)

83 km
Merle Hiebert
Andy Nadler
Jim Nadler 
Cam McLaren
Charles Burchill
Cindy Hiebert
Gavin Faurschau
Joanne Wiebe
Sandra Carr
Vanessa Peters
Steven Wiebe
Lisa Gagne
Myron Dyck
Julia Thiessen

170 km
Chris Huebner
Terry Macyk
John Paul Peters
Daniel Enns
Craig Doell
Scott Brown
Rob Brigden
Andrea Tetrault
Adam Bergen
Genevieve Krahn
Paul Krahn
Shaun Dyck
Franklin Rempel
Cory Pratt
Janice Brigden
David Sears
David Gerrard - DNF
Lyle Wiens - DNF
Jean Jubinville - DNF

Janice, Rob, Cory, & David - finished.

Vanessa, Lisa, Sandra still riding past the corn.

More corn.

Franklin and Shaun at the end of the day.

Cory, David, and the beards.

Final Thanks! 
To the following folks for helping out a lot, and not riding as much as they would have liked:
Ian Hall for being the organizing genius, super-helper, keg picker-upper, and donater of the top international finisher prize; 
Donna Hall for yellow ribbons; 
Justin W for the awesome poster; 
Bruce, Elexis, and Jared G from Back Alley for two support stops and for the prizes - shirts!; 
Peter and his lovely maid from Country Cycle (Winkler) for one support stop and for prizes - pump, bottle, & bar tape!; 
Jared Falk for one support stop and for general goodness; 
David Sawatzky for managing the finish line, right until everyone was finished; 
Walt Hiebert for sweeping the course in his four-wheeled motorcycle with a box; 
Margruite for BBQing and general hosting goodness; 
and Brad and Colin for coming around in their own way!

'Til next year!

More pics:
Did I mention that we started in the Manitoba Sunflower Festival parade? Auspicious.


Parade trackstands.
An appropriate ending, with revels. 


  1. What a great day. Many thanks to the ABES and company for delivering a good, hard race, followed by even gooder times at the amazing Krahn Barn.

  2. Good job team! Looks and sounds like things were awesome. The parade starting lap looked very cool. I was sorry to miss the camaraderie and good times (little scrapper). Congrats to DB and Ian for organizing so much goodness. JS