Friday, July 12, 2013

ThNR report

Who rode?  Not me!  As I arrived at Grumpy's I saw a breakaway of one approaching with me.  Wolters broke from the pack and made a desperate sprint to the finish to claim the stage win.  Limping in behind were Franklin, Shaun, Curt, James and Bruce.  It was only upon entry to the establishment that we discovered Tom already enjoying a refreshing beverage, having claimed the Stage win with a daring "don't ride with anyone and quit early" strategy.  Brilliant.  Oh well, the peloton didn't seem too disappointed.

It was a busy Thursday night with two serving personnel in attendance.  And Nash even had wings available!  Beverages were consumed and things were discussed.  No pictures were taken.  It was that kind of night.  The Folk Fest was barely mentioned.  Neither was the TdF.  We did talk a lot about flying (Bruce says pilots get laid like nobody's business), shooting guns (we all like shooting things), Franklin discussed the Muerto ride (never ride down Darryl Road), James was asked the question that has made him dream of punching people in the face for years, riders wondered (dreamt?) of the day that their rides would be gone when they walked out, Tom seems to have made the switch to Long Islands (unacceptable in winter, passable in summer), the upcoming Sunflower Fest gravel grinder looks fun (meaning only Shaun said he'd do it), and the Bombers are awesome (always).  Should we do it again next week?  I think we shall.


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