Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday Night Ride - Post Game Edition

CFL headquarters failed to consult ABES headquarters when preparing the Bomber calendar.  So, due to a conflict in scheduling, the ThNR will take place after the game – 10:00’ish.  This will allow us to watch the game and still get our ride on.  In the extremely unlikely chance that we suffer our first lose of the season, we can vent our frustration with a therapeutic group ride and drown our sorrows at the clubhouse, or more likely, we will joyfully spin our legs as we discuss the awesomeness that is our beloved football club and cheers another Blue and Gold victory at the clubhouse.  GO BOMBERS!
The ride in the hills was sweet.  Perfect night for a ride.  We saw about 22 riders out on the trails last night, not including our ABES contingent of: Curt, Curt F, Chaz, Austin, Steve, Jared, Evan and myself.  We rode a new trail (to me) that the Tinker Creek Cycling crew has prepared – it was so nice – at least the parts that I could ride.  BIG props to TCC for making an excellent trail system – it’s the envy of those that know.


  1. Due to the awesomeness of the Bombers (and the fact that I need to rest myself for the 24 hour race on Sat./Sun.) I'll be partaking in the first half of the game at home and then adjourning to Grumpy's for the second half. In case anyone cares to join me. A post-victory ride may or may not happen for me (have to rest you know).

  2. It was a good surprise to see the ABES contingent out at Tinker Creek yesterday. We love to share the joy - come again!