Friday, July 1, 2011

Route 55 Alleycat Review

There were a lot of ABES out this week.  The lure of racing and prizes from the "dry cleaners" won us over.  Mike, Chaz, Steve, Gavin, David, James, Ben, Shaun, Curt, Tom, Steven, Duke, Kelsey (welcome to ABES) and myself started the race.  Most of us finished with the exception of a few DNF's including one hospitalization.  Dan the Terminator went down hard on a gravelly corner and it was not good - broken finger/bloody shoulder and knee - and worst of all, a ripped jersey.  Be careful Dan, that's a new jersey.  The race was won by Steve who had a flawless route and reading comprehension skills - unlike me - again.  Steve won $55 and some shwagg.  Newbie Kelsey and I took the silver medal (flask of whisky/shirt/cooler bag/CD case/lemon juicer) and David took the bronze.  Notable moments included Chaz looking inside Movie Haven for his token, Shaun's DFL with 25 minutes in penalties, and the difficulty finding the tokens at the MEC.  It was a great race and everybody went home with multiple prizes, including whiskey.  Well done Paul.  It was also Pole Vaulters last day as a 55 year old - hence Route 55.  Happy birthday Paul/Canada!

Paul B joined us at the clubhouse where minutes included: the letter to the editor, the 5000 water-balloon fight at the park, I nipple Canada, Tour de France, the Altona hills (plural), 24 hours of Falcon Ridge, Nazareth's Greatest Hits - the Christmas album, $400 worth of looking for a coffee table, town employee caught spraying Roundup on the street, The Back 40 race, DSwat is a nut grabber/biter - unfinished business with Steven, ABS, and the bag of beer and inflatable penis at Dukes stag.  Good times.  JS

Tom eyes Kelsey's goodies

Jokes, jokes, jokes

Nash was feeling the Canadian spirit

Dan returns to share his war stories

Mr. Congeniality

The tickle trunk of prizes

Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride - Meet at my place at 8.  Unfortunately I'm not available.


  1. Two pins are in and all is well - told to stay away from bikes for two weeks. We'll see about that. Thanks SW for taking me to the hospital.

  2. Glad to hear you're on the mend Dan. If those two weeks off your bike are anything like your pledge not to buy new bike items, we'll see you on Tuesday. JS