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24 Hours of Falcon Ridge report

July 16-17th 2001 we (Jonny, Cheryl, Cindy and I) attended and competed at the 2nd annual 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge MTN bike race.  Before anything else can be said I'd first like to thank all the folks from Fort Garry, Birch and Red River for putting this even ton.  It was fantastic!

Cindy and I arrived shortly before noon on Saturday to find riders already gearing up for the start.  After a bit of unpacking we witnessed the Le Mans start to therace (riders walked their bikes up a ski hill before hand and at the start had to run up the hill, retrieve their bikes and then start the race).

The Le Mans start

Cheryl took the first lap for Team Abes and Babes.  Our lap times ranged from around 40 to 50 minutes throughout the race.

Cheryl logging in a lap at the big board

Each lap consisted of a fairly rocky, hilly and technical course of apx. 6.25 Km's.  Challenging, especially during the midday heat.  Each rider checked in at a checkstop midway through the course to have their race card punched and then logged their completed lap at the main board.  Between laps people relaxed, swam in the lake, ate, drank and generally hung out and had fun. 

Team Abes and Babes did laps throughout the day until we all stopped for a dogfest hosted at the welcome centre.  Dogs, pitas, chips and beer.  A feast.  Food was hardly an issue at this event since eveerywhere you turned people were feeding you something.  It was awesome.

After a few more evening laps Cindy attempted our first night lap.  Unfortunately our borrowed lighting system didn't do so well and she had to abort.  Jonny then borrowed another light (thanks Unger!) and completed our only team night lap.

Morning brough more laps, coffee, and general relaxing in the lesser heat.  The race concluded at Noon and prizes were handed out.  We managed a first place finish in the Co-ed category!  $25 gift certs. to Olympia Cycle for us all!

A great event and one I'm sure we'll be back at next year.  Put it on your calendar Abes, its not to be missed.

Thomas...too sexy for this rcae

DNB...knocked out early but still smiling

Jonny drinking

Jonny sleeping

Long uphill....

...leads to sweet downhill

Thomas, Marcus and Jonah

The High Lake checkstop

Tomas...the author of our jerseys!

This hill was walk every time

The big board sign-in

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