Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Planet of the ABES Highlights

That double header was a real gooder!  Well done team!

Race results for Saturday and Sunday can be found here.

Here are a few of my memories of a great weekend...

The best Are you freakin’ kidding me?! moment - at the bottom of the big off camber section on the hill, CB lost control, cycled through the tape, into the pond and fell chin deep into the water before getting up and racing 2 more laps - props CB - you are the best!  

I looooved that the right little dude won the kids bike...
Owen Borland won a sweet new bike from the Altona Farm Service - he was pumped!

Andrew Rempel submitted these hella-cool aerial photos and videos of the course...

Videos can be seen here and here.

The sandpit, barriers and railway ties proved challenging - all taking their share of crashes.   Jason “the Morden Motor” Wiebe ripped his handlebars off his bike during the A race because he can, Franky had a sweet nose wheelie/header because he can't, Oliver and Danick impressed a bunch of locals showing what wicked fast cyclists look like, the Pioneer Meat Food Truck, the delicate call of the vuvuzela, getting beer coupons continues to make people happy, Steve Scoles continued to delight the crowds on Saturday while Dwight N was sassing riders with his MC duties on Sunday, Paul and Cheryl medalled at Provincials, Gavin was burping up farmers sausage poutine during his race, cinnamon buns and coffee were a welcomed addition, Davids course was challenging and fun, Shauns mugs were coveted, Mia kicked butt in her first Open race, Elliot won his first cross race, Frankys double meat grinder blew minds and Country Cycle was generous enough to help us promote our club at the CX Nationals - Huzzah!

A boatload of people worked to make it all happen but it was Paul Krahn who pulled it all together – Thanks Paul!

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