Thursday, October 15, 2015

ABES Bulletin

The Planet of the ABES weekend is nearing and we’re getting ready to provide some southern hospitality.   
Photo credit: Alex Remhardt

Thursday – 5:00 - lend your muscles and help install the stairs on the course.  8:00 – ThNR.

Friday – Course set-up.  David will be at the course before noon and I’ll be there after lunch, others will join us after work.  Get there when you can and help set up the course.

Saturday – races start at 11:30 so we’ll need to finalize the course, set-up registration, prizes, the curling club, etc., etc., etc.  Get there early and lend a hand.  Work will need to be done throughout the entire day so find Paul K and ask him how you can help.  He'll be the guy sweating.

Sunday – See Saturday.  Add: post-race clean-up, noting how we can improve things for 2016, and celebrate that Country Cycle racers will have the honour of wearing our sweet jerseys at CX Nationals.

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