Friday, May 1, 2015

ThNR Report

Jonny, Gavin, Paul, David, Steven, Steve B and me met early to go do some mountain biking.  It turned out, in Jonny’s words, to be, “One of the top ten ABES rides of all time so far.” It started with the threat of rain, but we went for it anyway, and rode one loop of Tinker before the weather got wetter.  Instead of doing the cowardly smart thing at that point and heading home, we hung in there and went for a ride along the high line.  It was raining, but not too wet; the mud was sticky but not too bad.  It was getting dark, but not too fast, and it was crazy, but not too nuts.  As we paused to regroup on our second time through, out of the mist appeared Charles, who joined us for the rest of the ride.  We got back to the van and thought about what we had just done, and the sun broke through and gave us a double rainbow.  We all wondered what it meant.  Maybe it was a cliché, a reminder to

Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. Lord Byron

 I doubt it though.

 I won’t presume to say what it means for the other riders last night, but for me it was a reminder that timing matters, and sometimes you have to go for it.  If we had quit when we should have, we would have missed not only the better part of the ride, but also the show that came with it. Go for it. That is what I’m taking out of last night’s experience.

This Saturday, I’d vote the breakfast club meets to drive out to Tinker and ride it all again.  I am just one voice though, and I’ll happily defer to someone with a different plan.



  1. Nice report. An early morning Tinker ride is the best way to start the weekend. Let's go.

  2. I would be game. What time? I have room for three more plus bikes.

  3. 9 am, meeting at Dan and Lisa Gagne's (15 Mandy Cove), going to Tinker.