Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ABES Bulletin

I was psuper-psyched to see 18 folks come out for the Saturday morning mountain bike ride.  How cool was that?!  It was no double rainbow, but it was still pretty great.  Cindy won the Best Crash award normally won by David – way to go Cindy!  Charles won the Best Hitch award - very drool worthy.  
Is anybody around for a Saturday morning ride?  

Dan cycled up Mount Rushmore and played "I crush your head" with the presidents.

ABES Casino Night - I need 4 people to confirm that they can volunteer with me at the McPhillips Street Station on Friday, May 22 from 6:00 – 9:45.  We’ll need to leave by 4’ish so we can grab a bite to eat and be ready for 6:00.  Please let me know before this Friday as I need to confirm names for the MCA ASAP.

The May extra long weekend at Cuyuna is gearing up to be stupid fun.  Wicked good trails, lakeside cabin, pontoon boat, Louie’s Bucket of Bones and the wildcard factor, ‘Merica!  If 4 days of awesomeness is intimidating, you could come for 2 days and still get a lot of biking and good times.  

Thursday Night Ride - Last chance for a group giggle as we ponder all things cuyuna.  

One more week!

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