Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The ABES Bulletin

If David hasn’t convinced you to register for Winter Bike to Work Day, I’ll add my two cents…registering for this event helps demonstrate the growth of cycling and the need for improved cycling infrastructure and policies.  But more importantly, we want to stick it to our bicycle brethren in Winkler and Morden.  Currently Altona ranks an impressive 69th (ha) in the world in terms of registered cyclists which is way, way, waaaay ahead of the city of Stinkler. 

Fellow cycle enthusiast and perspiring pro Paul K is preparing to partake in Actif Epica this weekend.  The forecast calls for -25 with a hellacold factor of -100.  Good luck Paul.  We heart you.  To show my team spirit, I’ll be participating in Inactif Epica which will include copious amounts of chips, beer, and TV.  Bring it on, couch!

The Big Frame / Lyle / Worst Father Ever, is taking a two week bicycle building course in BC with Paul Brodie - as in Brodie Bikes!?.  Pretty cool.  I can't wait to see his sweet new bike.   

Pencil in the date…the ABES Winter Bike Festival is tentatively being planned for Saturday, March 14.  Details are more than vague at this point but it’s sure to include good people and good times.

And now, a train video for Albert…

He LOVES it!

The Thursday Night Ride is on – natch. 

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