Friday, January 2, 2015

ThNR Report

James, Franklin, Shaun, Albert and I cycled to buffalo bush and followed the creek north.  The night included a peek inside buffalo bush, finding a (dead) deer carcass, not getting hurt when I was bucked off my bike, the new path through the reeds courtesy of the ATV's, a beautiful creek ride with good grip, and Franklin quickly and safely finding the ice with barely a scream.  The clubhouse was closed so we enjoyed post ride festivities with El Duque in my basement.

My hopes of a new years day, day ride never happened.  I slept in until 1:30, played a lot of Rock Band with my kids, and only took off my housecoat to get ready for the 8pm ride.  A lovely, lazy day.

Paul and Franky were devoting Friday to cycling together and rekindling their bromance.  Will an update on their day be imminent?  Pictures?  We hope so because this post needs some pictures!?

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