Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Big Time Important Stuff

Time to release the logjam from the department of big time important stuff...

It has been debated and decided that our Spring Ride (May long weekend) and our Family Camping Weekend (July 1-5) will both take place at Crosby (Cuyuna).  The trails are super-wicked-awesome, Louie’s Bucket of Bones allows BYOB, DTwat has booked a cabin for the boyz and Franky has booked sites for July.  Let the good times roll.  All we need is Tommy D to join the festivities so he can enjoy the fruits of his labour.

David has planned a snoval-cross bike race this Saturday to add to the Altona Winter Carnival.  Details are vague but it should be fun. 

There are also two pro cyclocross races to watch this weekend.  If anybody has details on watching it online, let us know.

Paul claims the second round of ABES gear should be here on Friday.  Thanks for helping the team brother.

But first things last - the Deep Fry Thursday Night Ride is on.  I’ll bring a couple of bags of goodies and we’ll see if promises are kept. 

M’mmm – deep-fried anything.
See you at 8.


  1. Maybe after a charitable donation, Tommy D should go on a vacation and enjoy the fruits of HIS labour.

  2. uci channel on youtube shows world cup races.

  3.'re the worst!

    Big Frame, thanks. J