Friday, December 5, 2014

ThNR Report

Gavin, Franklin, Paul, Kris, James, David, Lonny, Curt, Albert and I spent the evening winding our way up and down the creek.  The ice conditions remain ideal, the weather was mild and the moonlight was bromantic.  Franklin fell much less than last week, Lonny’s peddle fell off – thank goodness Albert knows how to save the day, cycling through the reed sections was an adventure, and eventually we made our way back to our good old clubhouse.  It’s odd (or maybe not) that our longest rides of the year happen in winter conditions.  Minutes include: Lyle came and ordered a round of drink, providing lab samples in the Walmart bathroom, Curt’s fuzzy logic: if your dumb enough to get lost, your dumb enough to find your way out, planning for Paul’s 50th birthday using more fuzzy logic, Lyle somehow convinced Ashley that buying a new custom built bike was going to be a money-making venture, ABES spring ride will be on the May long weekend, Shaun promised that he will be back next week, new clubhouse ramblings continued, the ABES bus, Gavin got his annual hair cut, Franklins pig slaughtering demo turned into a pig torturing/hunting demo - for kids, and Albert said something and we all nodded in agreement.  Good times.

A Sunday bike ride is in the works.   Meet at ABES headquarters at 12:30 and we’ll drive to Lake Minnewasta to cycle the trails and explore the creek.  So far, Gavin, Franklin, Paul, Kris, and I are confirmed.  Let us know if you're coming so transportation can be arranged.