Monday, December 15, 2014

Pembina River (USA) Ride Report

Shaun, Paul and I explored the Pembina river and it was almost perfect.  The weather was ridiculously unseasonable, the river was wide and didn’t’ accumulate any significant drifts and was 15’ below field level which alleviated the worst of the wind, and the location was south enough to enjoy cheap beer and smokes.  On our ride we saw 4 coyotes, 3 hunters and the occasional sections of open ice and sitting water that made us feel nervous/bad-ass (“let peer pressure be your guide” Jeff Loeppky).  Our three hour tour took us 64 k's and ended at The Western where we enjoyed some beer, chips and American ambiance.  There has been talk of a century ride on the same river which would take us out West to Leroy or East to Pembina for food and drinks before returning back to Neche.  Stay tuned.

Shaun took these...

Good times.

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