Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Local Cycling News

Here are some cycling opportunities and recent ABES updates…

Moose Lake Ride V 7.0 - Bruce has once again generously agreed to provide steaks and a place to rest your weary head if you cycle 200 km's to "his" cabin.  It's a great opportunity to cycle with a bunch of good people.  Contact Bruce for more details.

Operation Muerto V 2.0 - Paul K and Justin W made the Moose Lake Ride look like mere jaunt as they cycled from Neepawa to Clear Lake and back.  Well done boys!  I'm sure Paul will provide a report that will discuss his high/low lights and possibly how much toilet paper was used.

Back 40 Mountain Bike Race - Back Country Cycle and Ski has joined forces with Tinker Creek to offer the sweetest single track race in the province.  This race is open to all and is as close to Rocktona as it gets.  If you've ever wanted to give this sort of race a try, the time is neigh.  

David has already provided a preliminary report of our stay at Silver Star.  Two points he failed to mention: 1) Kate is the only person in our group to (accidentally) ride a Black Diamond trial and has the bloody scrapes to prove it, and 2) It took David less than 5 seconds to endo on his bike - I'm not even kidding.  Classic Swatter.

ThNR is on as usual.  Miss Youuuuu.  JS


  1. Mia and I have registered for the Back 40 race this Sunday. Who else is in?

    1. Sorry PK, our car is full and we're leaving extra early for the 10 AM lil' kids race. J