Friday, January 17, 2014

ThNR Report

Mike, Gavin, Shaun, and I braved the weather and cycled around our humble hamlet.  It was cold and windy but probably the nicest weather of the day.  Mike and Gavin climbed the hill, the ice had beautiful snow formations, the drifts were hard enough to bike on (until you broke through) and the intersections were icy.  There were more people joining us for the meeting than the ride, including: Steve, Franklin, Steven, Albert, Tom and David.  Minutes include: sunburnt bald spots, a 1 hour commute from Gretna to Altona in a snowstorm, Franklin was sporting his new Amish beard, ski jump wing suit, Shaun wants to buy a new house/clubhouse, Nordic Combined is a thing (ski jump and cross country ski), snowboarding events sponsored by Cheetos, Steven enjoyed his first cross country ski skate race, Albert is going to cycle in Arizona with Walter, no way V yahweh, kids are expensive, curling on the infamous Halbstadt ice, threesomes, kite skiing, the Altona Winter Festival is February 1 – bike races at 11:30, Cheryl is no longer the Athena lush, curling in Las Vegas, DB is special, Steve caught a beauty trout while ice fishing, and drugs aren’t a problem in school today – they’re better than ever!  There were no photos this week but check out this crazy mofo…
Good times.

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