Friday, January 24, 2014

ThNR Report

James, Duke, Gavin, David and I (aka grad ‘88 and friends) met for the group ride.  We sampled the snow-cross course, trudged our way through drifts and enjoyed mild winter temps.  We were briefly joined by Albert at the clubhouse where minutes include: getting bike bits across the border, Barn Cross is THIS weekend Albert, David likes the word stanchions, Duke is going to build a clubhouse this summer (or have a clubhouse built)?, Shaun was sick but did send his regards (Hi / F.U.), DB was stranded 2 km’s from home during a snowstorm last week, James scored a seven ender, Duke is willing to buy half of Franklins Jets ticket share, Justin Beiber was drinking and driving responsibly, Gavin recalled going to wrestling matches with his dad in the house that Hulk built, Duke was chosen to be in a knife throwing circus act in Mexico, Homeland V Heartland, True Detective V Danger Bay V The Edison Twins, David complained that the Jets game was too loud – HA, and in my humble opinion, my opinions are the best.  Good times.  JS

The photo friendly giant
Up and over the drift at the snow-cross course
DSwank opts for the oh so classy shopping bag boot liner

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