Friday, March 15, 2013

ThNR Report

James, Shaun, DB, Steven, Chaz, David, Steven, Gavin, Albert and I met to bike around town.  The crew that gathered had the potential for a fast and furious ride; it was not.  We scoped out the park for race course possibilities and discussed our options.  I then made a tactical error by cycling too close to the clubhouse where the lure of beer, wings and the third period of the Jets game was too much for most, so we retired early.  
Tom and Franklin joined us at the clubhouse where the Planning Committee Minutes included: the ABES Spring Ride, Operation Muerto, Altona KOM, The Knack Zote Gravel Grinder (or something like that), the ABES credit card, jersey font thoughts, overpacking for road trips, and David revealed his douche-baggary as our rogue blog-poster.  Good times.  

Camping/biking/eating/living supplies add up.

The shitty weather may seem shitty but it's actually awesome.  Embrace winter y'all!  It's the adversity that can make these events memorable.    That, and winter is almost over and there will be a hot-tub.  I’ll see you funners on Sunday.  JS  

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