Sunday, March 17, 2013

AWBF Report

23 cyclists met on a windy, cold, snowy day and had a blast riding bike.  Anytime you get a bunch of cool cyclist together, there is a high likelihood that good times will ensue.  Even though the weather was less than ideal (with a Weather Warning in effect), it was good to get together and ride bike.

We started off with a group ride that saw us noodle around town and slog/walk through drifts.  I liked cycling en masse with a bunch of friends.  It's fun to do, safer and a rare thing when so many parents can arrange childcare for the same afternoon.  I loved it.  We played some cage-match knockdown games where Gavin "the rhino", Curt and I won the temporary titles of World Champion of the World.  

We made our way to the park where we paired up and had an hour long relay race.  We ran up the hill, raced and plowed our way out of the nature park, around the ball diamonds, then back across the glassy ice to the exchange.  Sandra C challenged us all by accidentally racing a lap in the wrong direction.  These things happen, more often to some perhaps.  Lyle and James intimidated their giant selves to victory beating out Gavin and Joanne.  Albert and Bruce took the bronze.  

After the cycling was over, we fetched our chill'n and 42 of us met at the clubhouse spa for some splashy fun, Jets game (thanks Shaun) and potluck supper.  Draw prize winners were won by Lyle, Shaun, James, Julia and Joanne.  Steven finished off the evening by falling into the pool with his clothes on - funny guy.  Well done team.  JS

Sweet Cheryl Koop took these...

 Good times. 

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