Friday, February 24, 2012

ThNR Report

Duke, Steven, Shaun, Ike, Paul W, James, Tom and I enjoyed a rare Thursday Night Ride that included snow (that sounds odd becuase this is the greatest winter ever).  The winter conditions were troublesome for Ike as he had his first winter wipeouts – once when he attempted to drive through a deep drift in a ditch and got his bike stuck upright while he was thrown over his bars, and another spill when icy road conditions took him down.  Other than Ike's issues, it was a playful ride with soft snow to plow through at the water-tower hill and perfect knockdown conditions at the ash st. park.
We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Albert, Patrick, Chaz and David.  Minutes include: the 2012 Road Trip is gaining momentum and numbers, 24 hours of Sloth/Bill Murray (my dream theme) is next weekend, beef jerky was lovingly prepared and shared by Tom – I missed out/was a jerky snob, Steven recommended The Guard, halloween chip bags in the vending machine is bunk, Duke uses Red, Red Wine for every school soundcheck (the song, not the drink), Handivan SAG wagon, 24 hours of Falcon Lake relay teams, ABES cycling bib shorts are being developed, Portlandia, it’s not about the bike, Tom was triple booked, Cirque founder organizing a 1 million dollar buy-in poker tournament/fundraiser, David was in fine Suckockzky form, Altona bike club for kids, desperation ditch cross country ski trail, I think the other end of the table was orgainizing a bike tour to Japans nuclear power plants (?) and the Jets win.  Good times.       
My camera batteries were dead – but we looked something between this…


and this...


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