Friday, February 17, 2012

ThNR Report

Another ideal evening for our ThNR saw Steve, James, Pole Vaulter, Shaun, Tom, Dan and myself out for some fun and games.  We started with some knockdowns at the Ash park where Pastor jerkface “lost his balance” on me, we went on a village visit and then found our way to the nature pond where the ice was extra slippery (thank you helmet) and the snowboard jump was too tempting from some to resist.  Steve had the jump dialed in and was in good form.  James was feeling brave and built up his confindence enough that he wanted to get some air too.  The end result saw him fly over his handlebars in spectacular fashion, breaking his glasses and derailleur in the process.  James and Sandra have now both recently broken their glasses at the pond in bike related accidents and are both currently nursing their aches from crashes (car and now bike).  At least they’re still grinning and wiggling their fingers and toes.  In need of some anesthetic, we headed to the clubhouse where we were joined by David, Albert and Paul B.  Minutes inluded: the satalite police are calling, first coyote kill = hat, Road Trip 2012 is gaining interest, Valentines day pathetic gifts (helium balloons?), Shaun tried to explain super novas, Mrs. Wheeler fell, this just in…Wheels from Degrassi died 5 years ago, the Weezer cruise ship, explosion at Line 6 = rings of integrity?, Kettle Valley trail, Safety First switchblades, Nazis From Space, Peru’s Lake Kakapoopoo, using your calculator to text (5318008), underbaked conversational biscuits and the Jets win.  Good times.  JS

Steve and Dan strategizing at 1 km/h 
James doing it right
James doing it wrong
Looking for the lens
Looking for the derailleur

There was talk of a Monday ride.  I'm out.  Plans changed.  Enjoy the long weekend!

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