Friday, October 21, 2016

Southern Cross Wrap Up

That was a gooder!  David designed a great course: 4 challenging ascents and zippy, tricky descents, two thick sandpit crossings and  three splashy passes through the mud.  The sun was out and the mud in the ditch got worse as the day went on leaving everybody (especially Chris Huebner - awesome) and their bikes a sloppy mess.  So much good times!

Dallas took these...

Thanks to the generosity of the Altona Farm Service – free bikes make people happy!

David took these...

There are a bunch of pictures floating around facebook.  For a look at most of the racers (excluding B) check out this comprehensive collection by Dallas S.

Mike Payment recorded this...

Gavin worked hard to bring you the results of the races.  Click here to see how slow you are.

A few extra adult shirts are available – let us know if you want to buy one.

Thanks to everybody that helped make Southern Cross so fun. 

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