Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ABES Stuff n Such +

ThNR – natch.  Post ride festivities in the barn - don’t forget your $5 admission fee.

Friday after work ride at Tinker.  Meet at ABES headquarters at 4:30 (only if the trails are dry).  UPDATE: trails are not dry - the ride will be postponed.

Quiz Night is next Friday – ABES will defend our two year domination of being so smrt. 

Weekend road/gravel/breakfast rides coming soon’ish.  Franky wants to take our show out to the hilly routes west/south of Morden.

ABES Spring Ride – Falcon Lake – June 10 – 12.  A squirrel launching device is in the works.  Do not miss out on the fun.

ABES Family Camping – Cuyuna – July 1 – 4.  Best trails evah.

See you at 8


  1. Just an FYI. The trails here will be wet. We got a good amount of rain last night so this weekend, they won't be rideable unless going when they are frozen in the morning. If you want to go on a gravel tour, let me know. I've got some good routes that go both South and North along the escarpment. The routes very anywhere from 50km to 100km in length.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Craig. We'll wait for the trails to dry up. Is there a Saturday tour possibility? JS

  2. I'm at Ethan's soccer tournament in Winnipeg on Saturday. Indoors of course. Sunday might work but it's calling for snow. I'm in The Pas next weekend with hockey. My weekends after that should be good. If weather is good, Sat April 23 might be good. Shoot me a an email or Facebook message that week and we'll get out there.