Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ABES Bulletin

There’s been talk about a designated ThNR where a no drop policy is considered.  A Gentleman’s Ride = slow ride = no drop ride = stay together no matter what ride.  Good idea.  This Thursday we’ll slow the pace, chill the f out and go for a leisurely spin like days of yore.  We don't always have to race about, trying to see who has the biggest wiener.  We’ll sample this ThNGR on a regular basis (whatever that means) and see what gives?  Bikes and good people are always good times.  

The Planet of the ABES race tape has arrived which means we get to enjoy another submission by the Director of Race Tape...

This guy is the best!
The winter jersey orders must be emailed to me by Friday so don’t miss out on the warm, fuzzy goodness.  Dwight ordered his size sexy!  Which I assume means size small.  How many more pictures until we make a calendar?

The new race seedings have come out.  I've dropped from front row to waaaaaay back where I belong.  It was fun while it lasted.

Next on the CX schedule: Dead Horse Cross in Morden this Saturday.  Check out the action, cheer on some ABES or get yerself entered in an open race.  For an added incentive – there’ll have poutine!  I know!!

See you at 8.  JS

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