Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ABES Bulletin

Grass track racing was a bust/awesome.  By the time we cycled to Franky’s, started the fire, arranged the lawn chairs and couch, and had a pre-race smoke, it was too dark to race – dang (yaa!).  
As the evening went on, things only got better and better - until they got worse.  Good times.  

This Thursday we’ll return to the hills and thrills of the moto-cross track. 
See you at 8.

From the desk of Franky...
Hey guys, this Saturday at 9, meet at Johnny's for the Aa100.  Bring your passports, 20 to 30 dollars American, cross bike and a water bottle. the stops will be many, the pace will be moderate and the food will be auto fried. The route is mostly paved, with a bit of gravel and 10 miles of dirt.
See you there!

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