Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ABES Bulletin

Only 24 days (May 14-18) to the ABES May Schlang Weekend in Cuyuna!  Car-pooling - if you are willing to drive and have room for a biking brother, pass it on.  If you need a ride, let it be known.

Saturday morning road rides have begun.  This week, meet at ABES headquarters David's house at 9:30 and we’ll see which way the wind blows.  Sweet Cheryl Koop Dufus has agreed to tend the tots if you need childcare.

Sunday was Bicycle Day… it’s not what you think.  We may have a new sort of bike trip in our future.

I love how the peloton moves like a school of fish.

ThNR: Franklin is preparing to have a short race this Thursday - a handicapped time trial.  Individual start times will be determined by age and the weight of you and your bike - old, fat guys get a head start.  I’ve been not training for this race my whole life!

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