Friday, November 28, 2014

ThNR Report

Last night we spent 3 hours exploring buffalo creek which meant we were riding slow, clenching our butts, seeking relief on snow-packed sections, trudging through reeds, sipping on scotch and jagg, grinnin’ like idjits, and noodling our way for 27 km’s of frozen bliss.  It was certainly the longest ThNR and quite possibly the best.  We were all slipping but mostly able to hold ourselves upright; Franky took the title with the most and the loudest crashes – congratulations buddy!  We unknowingly dropped Pastor Ben (forgive us our sin(s) and David, who got so mad he spit beer all over Paul at the clubhouse (forgive him Paul). 

I didn’t take any picture (it’s dark, cold, everybody has reflective clothing, and I’m running out of excuses for saying I’m lazy) but here are some pics for the archives…