Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Altona Police Report

Sometime during the AD/DC weekend there was either a tender love connection or a sick and terrifying abduction.  Our beloved ABES sign was whisked away/absconded by Krampus Of Cross.  I'm happy to say that it appears the sign has been treated well.  It has enjoyed breakfast, been taken out for drinks, taken to a classy hotel (I shudder to think what happened there), and enjoyed a cozy fire/arson.  If you are reading this The ABES Sign, let us know you're all right, we're worried sick!  You better treat it right Krampus, it's our beautiful, fragile baby and we'd hate to see it get hurt by your demon love/vandalism.  Keep us posted on this romantic date/nightmare from hell.

I think i'm going to be sick.  JS

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