Friday, February 14, 2014

ThNR Report

Shaun, David, James and I peddled about town.  Shaun ploughed through the deepest drifts, we were harassed by a preacher, and David had pre-cleared some paths for us at the park.  It was a short (10K) and cold ride (wtf winter!? We get it; you’re super cold.  Now go away!).  We retired to the clubhouse where we were joined by Lyle, Dan and Duke.  Minutes of our meeting include: local snowboarders are getting towed with a truck to build up speed and launch themselves off ramps (=awesome), David is on the towns unofficial trails committee, Dan cheers against Canada, we all wished Paul K well on his impressive actif epica adventure this weekend - we thought using tampons as a helmet liner would help combat his overactive sweat glands - just a thought, Peterbilt V Albert built, cigars that take three weeks to smoke, Dan bought a Co-op Gold near-beer for Shaun that was dutifully and painstakingly consumed, Duke will celebrate “No Pants Week” while his family is away, it costs $192 to fill up the Suburban, scaring grandma, an MCI urine fetish shut down the Gretna arena, Valentine’s Day V Remembrance Day, Borderland school division closed for Louise Riel Day, winter Olympic goodness/tension and possible  cyclocross inclusion, luge relay?, Buddy Cole reports from Sochi (pronounced So-shay), Steven is the provincial 12 K classic xc ski gold medal champion, Lyle is looking for steel bike frames for welding practice, Spring Ride destination options, Yo Alex!, and Dan Gagne is movin’ on up

ThNR Arizona Report - Albert and Walter are about take a train from Phoenix to San Diego, then cycle back to Phoenix.  Nice.  Have fun boys.

Albert wearing shorts.
I remember wearing shorts.  Good times.


  1. Oh, they're taking a train. At first I thought it was a shot of Albert in front of his bike trailer.

  2. Tampons? Hmmm. You mean if I trephined my skull, and stuck them in as a pre-emptive maneuver? It turned out that my sweating problems were more body-wide. I went through three balaclavas and a couple of fleeces in my keeping warm efforts. All in all it was ... hard as hell, but finishing felt fine! More deets to follow, when I can sit on my ass long enough to write them.

  3. Attaboy Paul, ya done good. You must be feeling great! I can't wait to hear the details. J