Wednesday, April 13, 2011


See you at 9:00.

Just a bunch of dudes, hanging out

How many ABES are getting an MCA license?  If my sieve-like memory is correct: Gavin, DB, Ben, Charles, Bruce, Evan, Albert and myself are going to ante in.  That's a bunch of ABES - right arm.  Others?  Mike? Curt? Steve? Shaun?  Join us won't you (Mwuaa ha haaa).   

If anybody is planning on racing in Bruxelles, we should coordinate rides.  Let me know.  JS


  1. Won't be at the ride...working. But just to let everyone know that next week, April 21st we'll have our first Alleycat of 2011 (weather permitting). Details to follow...

  2. Love it. DLR, Beastie Boys and Sean Penn. Crazy from the Heat, alright.

  3. I bought a Citizen license and I registered for Bruxelles. I can drive, if need be. I'm open to sharing too.